SetMatch is a bulk entity resolution engine used for one time deduplication and to meet any incremental matching requirements for identifying unique customer records across various products and lines of businesses. Normally used by business users for the first time creation of customer master or golden record of the customer, SetMatch is required for End of Day processing to reconcile the incremental additions / updates of the customer records with the customer master. To Identify linkages, databases don't match up as each data source stores the data in its own format and has its own primary identifier. Clusters and groupings based on demographics or any other user defined criteria can be used for better target segmentation.

SetMatch can play a pivotal role for establishing record linkages where there is no single unique Identifier across the data sources.

Key Features
  • Deduplication: Help identify and resolve duplicate records on large volumes of data.
  • Super fast processing speed with recursive clustering approach.
  • When multiple records are identified across same or different systems, belonging to the same customer or entity, a common ID is assigned to all such duplicate records called Unique Customer Identification Code, UCIC. This is unique to a customer at the organizational level.
  • 360 degree view: Unique customers across products and lines of businesses.
  • Group exposure.
  • Seamless integration with other systems supporting SOA.
  • High Precision and recall.