PropEx is a property de-duplication solution used for Movable and Immovable assets. It helps in identifying unique properties to avoid re-mortgaging of the same property. For Mortgage loans, it becomes imperative to ensure that the property being nanced is not previously nanced. Apart from it, it will be useful to determine the complete exposure of the Project that is being considered for funding and the builder's exposure.

  • Flexible in building the matching rules
  • Supports bucketing of results
  • Provision to Indicate the matching criteria (Matching Rule Pro le)
  • Support to transform data from disparate data sources
  • Seamless integration with other systems supporting SOA
  • Property mortgage solution
  • Builder exposure
  • Property exposure
  • Project exposure
Property deduplication
  • Identify unique properties and assign unique ID
Risk Management
  • Exposure of builder, project and property
Mortgage Financing
  • Loan against property