Many Insurance companies operating out of India have a need to identify customers from Rural areas. It has become a compliance reporting requirement. Valuable data and information on rural areas has been available on the rural areas through the publications and surveys of the Central Statistical Organisation, National Sample Surveys and other census and population registers. The Cutomer's Rural/Urban status is not captured during onboarding process and not capturing the address in standard format has made the Rural/Urban tagging a challenge. Our Gramin product helps overcome these data centric challenges and helps in tagging a customer Rural/Urban/likely rural etc.

  • Rural/Urban tagging/identification of customers. Report the percentage of Rural customers and other Tier 2,3 or 4 regions.
  • Customer segmentation: Identify insurance products best suited to rural elite/rich as well and rural households.
  • Cross sell and Up sell: There are specific functionaries and agencies in the rural areas which can help explore and exploit insurance business in the untapped rural market.

For Rural / Urban Classification