EaglePost helps in validating, structuring and enriching Indian addresses. There are no standards or guidelines for capturing address and therefore the constituent address elements(H.No, Landmark, Locality, SubDistrict, District etc) are seldom stored in appropriate fields. The disharmony aggravates as we gather addresses from different systems. Apart from shuffling, these elements are subjected to lot of variations. Given these issues with the addresses, EaglePost parses the entire address, and would restore these constituent elements in their respective place holds, and standardise these elements, bringing uniformity across all addresses. Wherever possible, it enriches fields like District, Pincode. It also checks for the consistency of the elements and validates the address. It improves the address granularity and enforces standardisation.

In-built Dictionary

Posidex has a Pincode dictionary built over years which becomes the basis for extraction and enrichment

Data Cleansing

The addresses is cleaned of unnecessary characters.

Data Standardisation

The addresses is standardized for certain common terms say, Apartment for apt, Building for Bldg etc. Posidex has its standardization dictionary to achieve this. For the City/District captured in its field, the value will be checked with the standard value and accordingly all the variants are corrected and replaced with standard City/District.

Data Extraction

Extraction is carried out in such cases where the constituent elements are not present in their respective fields, but available in other portions of address.

Data Enrichment

Wherever the processes of standardisation & Extraction are not successful, Enrichment is attempted to capture such elements like State, City/District, Tehsil/Region and Pincode. The enrichment is based on rules.

  • Address Cleaning & Standardisation
  • Address Validation and enrichment wherever possible
  • Allows for the segmentation of the addresses on various fields like District, Sub Districts, PinCodes, Localities and facilitates run analytics on these parameters
  • Improves Customer reachability
  • Serves as a precursor to the address deduplication activity