Posidex is India's No.1 provider of multi domain data management solutions, in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment.

Posidex Technologies' innovative and proven entity resolution and analytics technology has transformed the way business operate and engage with their customers during their entire life cycle with the organisation.The ability to combine many demographic attributes of an entity and provide a very granular configuration for real-time resolution over very large volumes, beyond the present fuzzy logic techniques has provided our clients a game changing ability to widen the scope of their solutions in Fraud detection, Risk Management, Compliance and Customer Experience.

Enterprises globally face significant challenges in reconciling their customer data impacting their business operations and profitability. Existing techniques for customer data management such as data matching have reached limitations in addressing today's big-data challenges of volumes, data quality and instant response required from querying system for real-time response. Posidex helps Enterprises answer these business critical challenges with our highly acclaimed and proven industry leading expertise in Entity resolution search engine technology with the Posidex 5V edge.

Posidex' disruptive technologies has motivated our clients to replace the existing solutions and achieve a lower TCO and very direct high return on investment by way of increased throughput and automated decisioning. Our customers also benefit indirectly due to improved risk mitigation, better compliance and more reliable data for Analytics and Business Intelligence. We understand that data is what drives organisations and see ourselves fully equipped in being your trusted partner in managing your most crucial asset - your data -effectively and efficiently! Our data analytics solutions bring the power to examine large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, actors, associations, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful business information. Our technology is trusted by 40+ large enterprise level customers across Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Securities, Retail, Telecom, Credit Bureau and Government verticals in meeting their critical business needs every minute!